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Making Tough Roofing Decisions

Examples of Residential Roofing in Metairie

Are you thinking about replacing your deteriorating roof by yourself instead of having a Metairie Roofing pro do the job? The project might appear to be straight forward, especially considering you are not doing it on your own, but you might be surprised by the task ahead of you, with all of the numerous materials and tools that are associated with residential roofing and roof repair in Metairie. But, do not worry! We have created this list to make life easier for you. Here are some of the different types of roof:

French Roof

This type of roof is also called the mansard roof. This can be distinguished as the four-sided roof that has a slope that would form a low-pitched roof. This is quite popular because it gives additional living quarters. This would mean that you can easily make home additions. But this awesome feature comes at a steep price. "To ensure the longevity of your roof, it is imperative to use copper or zinc for the sharp parts of the roof", says a Metairie roofer.

Gable Roof

This is one of the most popular residential roofing types throughout the country. You can easily recognize this roof because it has a triangular shape. If you have an attic, then installing this type of roof would give you more space and ventilation. Unfortunately, you might find this roof troublesome if the roof was haphazardly installed by a roofing contractor in Metairie because it can easily collapse when battered by a hurricane or strong winds. You can use clay or concrete tiles for this type of roof, as well as metal and asphalt shingles.

Hip Roof

If you have noticed residential roofing that has sides that form a ridge on top, then that roof is referred to as a hip roof. This is a more stable version of the gable roof and can stand the mood swings of the weather. You can use tiles, metal, or shingles for this type of roof.


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December 12, 2019
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