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Kenner roof repair

Owning a home is a great accomplishment and if your home is not a new construction home there will probably be some updates you have your eye on. While most people look at their kitchens and baths first, do not overlook one of the most important things on your house which is your roof. You are probably thinking, How could that be? Well, as a Kenner roof repair contractor we tell our homeowners a roof older than 20 to 25 will need to be replaced; not just repaired. Being that this is the main defense from the outside elements, you definitely would need to budget and plan accordingly.

As you may or may not know, if you own home long enough you will have roof damage at some point. Most homes have an asphalt roof. With good maintenance and a little luck, your roof should last between 20-30 years before you should need a completely new roof. The key thing to note here is Maintenance. That means you are not waiting years between roof inspection. For this, to work you need to be proactive. You can even think about it like the tires on your car. At some point, you will need to take a look and make sure the rubber is still good and eventually swap them out. If you live near water your roof might wear a little differently because of the wind and moisture. Strong winds can get underneath your shingles and blow them off. This is very common, but it could also mean that there are underlying problems as well.

Major Hurricanes magnify the importance of roof safety. Your roof can only handle so much before it gives in. We have seen strong winds rip entire roofs off houses in a blink. Even if your home didnt receive the entire impact of the storm, one missing or a loose shingle will make your home unsafe. If your home is older than 10 years and you have not received a roof inspection make sure you schedule one after any major storm. With that said, even if your home is brand new, you should schedule a roof inspection. We always say its better to be safe than sorry!

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